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Testimonials (I like to respect client confidentiality so rarely ask for testimonials . . . . . but here are a few!)

Irena, Bangor. . ‘God bless you and the work you do Petra’ May 2022

Freya, L. Birkenhead. The last treatment was an utter god send! First time in ages I have had no leg pain through the night. Marvellous!” August 2021

AJ. Manchester. April 2020.“Before the virus pandemic, I saw Petra regularly for treatments. Last week I received my first distant treatment and it was as though I had received a hands-on treatment!”

Ann H, Colchester. The distant treatment I received from Petra on 27th April 2020 was highly effective. Without me saying, Petra immediately picked up that I had structural issues affecting my left arm, hip and neck, lower and upper spine. I had been experiencing a lot of difficulties on the left-hand side of my body and pelvis. After the treatment I felt that the whole of my left-hand side had released and pelvis freer ... thank you!”

Gareth, Liverpool. “I had distant treatments from Petra. She was completely accurate in her diagnosis of the complex issues in my body. One symptom was that I was having a problem with my jaw causing twinging teeth. Very unpleasant. Two hours after the treatment it was gone. Fantastic.” July 2021

T. Burton, Chester. “Petra, you have magic hands!” July 2021

Maria, Warrington. “Than you so much for everything you have done so far. It’s amazing the relief it has brought me and helped me get out of my head. Have a wonderful Xmas.” December 2019

Alan J, Manchester. “Thank you ..... your treatments have done more for me in 50 years than any other treatment regime! I don’t recommend you in case I can’t get in to see you when I want to!” December 2019

Laurie, Liverpool. “Wanted to let you know that was phenomenal! I am so grateful to have experienced your profound healing powers - just WOW!” October 2019

FranB, Barcelona&Liverpool. “Hi Petra, Amazing session yesterday. You are very good in (sic) shiatsu. Thank you.” July 2019

NR, France. “I had treatments a few years ago from Petra before moving back to France and always felt Petra had a rare talent. I recently had confirmation! A friend from Liverpool contacted me and told me she had heard about an ‘exceptional therapist’ based on Wirral and that ‘exceptional therapist’ was Petra. I miss Petra’s treatments and her undoubted skills.....” July 2019

Teresa H, Wallesay, Wirral, “Petra was recommended to me as I had shoulder pain and restricted movement. I couldn’t lift my grandchildren and my life was miserable living with pain and being immobile. Treatments were a life-saver! I feel marvellous. Not only has the shoulder pain gone, my mobility has improved, and so has my overall well-being. Thank you Petra!” April 2019

G&VG, Lancs, ”We just wanted to say thank you for how much you have helped our baby J. The change is incredible. We are extremely grateful for your help”. March 2019

KB Llyn Peninsula. “ Thank you so so much for the treatment today. I am really grateful and I am feeling so much better and happier after our session. You set my spirit free. Thank you! “. February 2019

David W, Wirral “Thank you for the treatments and for the brilliant practical demonstration for facilitating conscious awareness of old traumatic memories, how they are stored in the body, and how they can affect our present lives and health. I have read and heard much on the subject but, until now, have never quite got it. Now I do! And I also have anecdotal evidence to share with others. Priceless! I’ll see you next week for another relaxing and highly beneficial treatment.” 2017

Karen B, Liverpool "Thanks so much. It was an amazing treatment. I think the more sessions I have with you, the more life enhancing it becomes. Can't thank you enough" June 2016

Ann from Colchester. "I contacted Petra with chronic backpain. The pain was so bad that I couldn't walk. I was either crawling around on all fours or hobbling around on crutches. I was taking three types of prescribed painkillers and the doctor refused morphine because he said it wouldn't touch the pain. Central Channel Release was like a miracle for me - it literally kick-started the healing process. Quite simply, I arrived at the treatment room on crutches and left without them! I take the occasional painkiller now, Lyrica, and have not looked back."

Julie from Wirral:
"I had been suicidal, suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, only
able to walk with a walking stick and unable to get out of the house much.
I nearly gave up.

As a last resort, I tried shiatsu shintai. During the treatment I
experienced a freedom in my body that I hadn't for over 20 years. I knew
then that the treatment regime would work for me. Six months later and
I am now able to go shopping occasionally, have started a course I had
been wanting to do for a long time and am beginning to live life in a way
that I thought had been lost to me forever.

The treatment is at times amazing, and at others, very subtle. I also feel
it is the quality of experience and intuition that Petra brings which
makes Shiatsu Shintai such a deep, fundamental healing on all levels.
I can't give a high enough recommendation."

Neil, Liverpool, Denmark & Spain
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful treatment. Its so great to have a connection to this energy. I really feel it at a deep level. Once again feel like I have made some more shifts, feeling very grounded calm and connected to my longing."

Jeanette, Wirral
"Thank you so much for the huge relief of the pain in my shoulder - just a bit of ache now . . . you are a star, thank you so much"

J.C. Wirral. " Thank you for lovely treatment yesterday. Slept well last night and woke up with no ache, movement is such that I can put my hair up without saying ouch! Hugs" July 2015

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