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CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle but profound non-invasive therapy where light touch, sometimes off the body, can paradoxically allow the therapist to feel a deeper engagement with the receiver's body. Fully qualified craniosacral therapists undergo extensive training and develop finely-tuned palpation skills enabling alleviation of deeper-held misalignments at levels of fascia, membrane, bone, the fluid/watery level as wells the body's energetic. Working from a place of inner stillness, it may also be possible to move beyond the physical and engage with the innate healing levels in the body. In biodynamic craniosacral therapy, these are known as ‘tides’ and engagement at these levels can lead to deeper sense of the peace and integration of body, mind and spirit. Indeed, its gentle and non-invasive nature means that CST can be particularly successful in treating post traumatic conditions - emotional and physical. It can also be effective when used in conjunction with dental work such as orthodontics, for example to enable the cranium, body structure and cranio sacral system to accept and integrate changes in the mouth. It can be effective for babies and the elderly due to its non-invasive and gentle nature.

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Shiatsu is a Japanese system of bodywork that has been used for centuries to help aid relief from many common health complaints. Using the same meridian system and theory as acupuncturists, instead of using needles the shiatsu practitioner uses hand, finger, thumb and sometimes foot pressure to help clear blocks and imbalances in the body's energetic system. Sometimes called "shiatsu massage", it is much more than that as its roots lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Indeed, shiatsu integrates visceral(organ) work with musculoskeletal and myofacsial work, the body's energetic through meridians and with emotional states. So, treatments can be very effective for body and muscular pain as well as with pathologies. Shiatsu can also be excellent aid for relaxation and a powerful antidote to the stresses and strains of modern day living as it can aid quietening of an overstimulated nervous system state. .Click ( for further information.

Shiatsu Shintai - Life Force Recovery!

Shintai is a style of shiatsu which aims to free up life-force energy thought to be trapped in body systems and tissues. Minimally invasive techniques are used to remove compression and re-create space and motion in the body. When space and motion increase in the body, a sense of inner freedom means it's much easier to live, be and enjoy life in the present moment. This system of healing can include soft tissue structural corrections, vertebral alignment, short leg correction, hip realignment, cranial manipulation, visceral release and advanced energy work - all with the aim of creating body and mind alignment. Musculoskeletal problems, including back, neck and shoulder pain, can arise from stress and trauma thought to be held in the membranous system which may pull the body out of alignment. Such stress patterns may be released with Shintai, in a gentle but effective way with consequent relief from mental, physical and/or emotional discomfort. Click ( for further information.

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Central Channel Release

One of the Shin Tai modules is Central Channel Release (CCR). This treatment regime concentrates on body's energetic midline, and the associated physicality of spine, dural tube, fluids and nervous system. CCR aims to address problems that can arise from distortions held in the membranous system (meninges) inside the spinal column and cranium. With very light contact points on the body, Central Channel work can identify Critical Points of Tension, thought to be key points holding the body in dysfunctional stress patterns and which may result in referred pain. Working with Critical Points of Tension, it may be possible to release long and short term tensions, past emotional and physical trauma and trapped life force. Clients sometimes report increased willpower, more motivation to follow their life path, a sense of freedom in the mind and body, more energy - and sometimes also relief from acute and chronic aches and pains. Click ( for further information.

Working at quantum levels it’s possible to connect with each other over distance. Research has established (eg Bohm, Einstein) that we are all connected with each other irrespective of physical distance. As therapists, once we are able to work at quantum levels, we are able to connect and carry out treatments. With Light Body Activation Shin Tai treatments, this quantum connection is encouraged by exercises aimed at raising body frequency to a level where space, and also time, collapses enabling a treatment to take place across distance. In biodynamics, the quantum field is accessed through embodied stillness, presence and accessing inner space through which it’s possible to connect through the quantum field.

Sedona Method & Heal Your Life (Louise Hay)

The Sedona Method is a dialogue system which aims to release superficial and deeply engrained patterns and stresses that prevent us living a life of inner freedom, joy and inner peace. Developed originally by Lester Levenson who healed himself of terminal coronary heart disease and other chronic health issues, the Method is a stand-alone technique or can be used alongside treatments and in between treatments to aid releasing of stress patterns that are thought to underpin many health conditions.

The Heal Your Life (HYL) system based on ‘Science of Mind’ and further developed by Louise Hay from the work of Ernest Holmes, uses affirmations and meditations and is sometimes recommended alongside treatments to aid the change of ingrained cognitive patterns and thought processes that may be detrimental to health.

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