Craniosacral Therapy and Shiatsuin Wirral & Merseyside

Qualifications. PetraBella

Professional Qualifications & CPD

Shamanic and Macrobiotic Shiatsu - 1997-1999 East Anglian Shiatsu School
Diploma British School of Shiatsu - 2000
Member of the Register of Shiatsu Society (MRSS) 2003
PGCE(PCE) - Colchester Institute - 2006
Upledger Cranio Sacral CSTI & II 2008 & 9
Teacher, Shiatsu International 2010 (PRTSI-T)
Level I & II Teacher Training Shiatsu ShinTai
Saul Goodman 2010 & 2013
Light Body Activation I, II, III, IV Saul Goodman, 2018, 19, 20, 21
Graduate College of Craniosacral Studies (CCST),
- London 2012 (Thomas Attlee trained)
Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workshop leader 2014
Counselling Skills Wirral Met 2016
Fellow of Shiatsu Society 2019 - FwSS
Sedona Method Facilitator May 2019
Complex Trauma Stage 1 - July 2020
Distant Craniosacral Training CCST Level 1&2 2020

Post graduate training in both Cranio Sacral & shiatsu includes:
Shintai Training with Saul Goodman 2006 to date
(Spine, Hara, Chakras, Central Channel Basic & Advanced, Structural Alignment, Light Body Activation I, II, III, IV, V)
Working with Trauma - CCST 2012
Working with the Face - CCST June 2013
Dentistry and CranioSacral Therapy - CCST Feb 2014
Bones - A Clear Guide - CCST June 2015
Baby Shiatsu - March 2016
Introduction to Counselling Skills - November 2016 (Wirral Met)
Communicating with Nature, North Wales
- August 2017, Di Evans/C Burskill
Light Body Activation II (Chakras & Kundalini) Saul Goodman
- November 2018
Communicating with Spirit, Erik Essences March 2019
Light Body Activation I, Saul Goodman June 2019
Elissa Dell - Fulcrums September 2019
Light Body Activation III Saul Goodman March 2020
Light Body Exploration l Saul Goodman May 2020
Distant Craniosacral Therapy CCST May 2020
Light Body Exploration ll August 2020

Shiatsu Society
Craniosacral Therapy Association
ShinTai International

Regular Zazen (zen meditation practice) at Komyokan Dojo, Birkenhead
Regular Kotodama practice (chanting the ancient sounds) at Komyokan
Proprioceptive Exercise (working with the Light Body & nervous system) at Komyokan
Degree in Law, University of Essex
Aikido - 2nd Dan Aikido and holds British Aikido Coach and Coach Children awards. Ran aikido dojo in Colchester, Essex, for 14 years and now helps her husband, Terry Ezra 7th Dan Hombu, run the Komyokan Dojo, Wirral

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