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Can Treatments Help?

It seems that Shiatsu, Shintai and Cranio-Sacral together can provide a powerful healing tool which can create relief from long and short term discomfort, more energy, feelings of relaxation and centredness, with a general sense of increased well-being and peace. Recognising that pain and disease can lie at many different levels (including emotional and trauma), eg fascia deep and superficial, skeletal, fluid, muscle tissue, membrane system and nervous system, treatments aim to contact these levels in the body systems to effect healing. As a "Heal Your Life" Leader, Petra recognises that the body-mind connection can play a part in dis-ease, and that trauma situations can be laid down in the body creating stress in the body systems.

Although there are never any guarantees with any alternative or complementary therapy, some common complaints that may be helped are:
  • low energy, chronic fatigue, ME
  • fibromyalgia
  • postural & structural alignment problems
  • headaches, migraine
  • backache, sciatica
  • skin conditions
  • digestive disorders
  • reproductive issues, including pregnancy, PMT, menopause
  • stress, anxiety, panic, depression
  • muscle pain, tensions, joint stiffness
  • addictions, including eating disorders
  • serious conditions such as cancer, stroke - please call
  • post-traumatic stress syndrome and post-accident work
  • childhood problems - including babies

    Please make contact if you would like advice or are uncertain whether treatment may be able to help.Click here

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